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If You But Knew the Gift of God

Words: Robert Loretz

Music: Robert Loretz

This hymn uses the ancient introit form of antiphon and verses. The antiphon is newly composed and is in the phrygian mode, while the verses use the traditional psalm tone melody for Mode 3. The words are all from the Scriptures, mainly from the writings of St John, and are pertaining to the mystery of the Thirst between Jesus and us, as well as the mystery of the pierced side, from which flows the springs of living water. The modal music is reverent in tone. The antiphon is intended for congregation, while the verses are for cantor. There are many verses available, and they can be varied depending on the emphasis wanted. The music is especially suited to accompany a procession (as for Entrance, Offertory or Communion), especially on a solemn day, when incense is used and so the procession is longer.

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