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Cause of Our Delight

Words: Robert Loretz

Music: Hungarian Medieval Traditional

The hymn celebrates Mary as the cause of our joy, and seeks her intercession. The music is joyful and lilting, yet noble. The appropriateness of a Marian hymn for the gifts is seen in the fact that this is the moment when the human is brought to the divine, and we prepare to surrender our lives into God's hands for the encounter with his transforming presence. Thus, the people enter a Marian dimension seen supremely in Mary's offering of herself in union with Christ on the cross. (See CCC 1370.) As a Recessional, a Marian Hymn is always appropriate, given that the celebration of Mary is really the celebration of God's work and promise in and for his bride, the Church, an aspect that must never be completely absent from the great convocation of the people of God for Eucharist, as the Eucharistic prayer, the creed and the "I confess" make clear.

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